Updated Immigration Information: Obtaining your visa after arrival in Argentina

All students who hold a passport from the countries listed here will obtain their visa after arrival. Please see the detailed instructions below regarding obtaining your visa in Argentina.

If you hold more than one passport, please contact Meredith Hansen at OGS immediately to confirm the passport with which you will enter Argentina: Meredith.hansen@nyu.edu

You should have received an email from OGS in late December which included a program support letter. Please print that letter and bring it with you to Argentina in your carry-on luggage.

After arrival at NYU Buenos Aires, all students will complete the following mandatory steps:

  1. Date of Arrival: all students must submit their passports for a photocopy.
  2. Friday of Orientation Week – February 3: (NYU Law students will complete this step on January 20). Students will have their fingerprints taken to process their local Argentinian criminal records. Students will receive instructions regarding this process from NYU Buenos Aires upon arrival. The fee for this process is 200 AR$ or about 12 US$.
  3. Friday, February 17 and 24: (NYU Law Students will complete this step on January 26). Students will attend interviews for their visa applications.
    • The date for the interview will be given to you by NYU Buenos Aires and cannot be rescheduled. No exceptions will be made.
    • The staff at NYU Buenos Aires will put together your paperwork and will arrange transportation to the interview. Students will be required to pay a fee of 1000 AR$ or about 63 US$. As of August 2015, this fee will only be acceptable in cash (Argentine pesos).
    • Students should plan to spend at least 3 hours at the interview site
    • Students will be notified via email and other means with specific instructions one week prior to the interview
  4. Approximately 2 weeks after visa interview: students will be notified via email that their visas have been approved. The visas will be placed in students’ mailboxes with specific instructions regarding traveling with the visa.

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